Index of ADM55
Owner/OPeratorRoyal Navy
BuilderLanbourne, Whitby
Builders Measure299
ConversionEx collier Diligence, purchased to armed transport
Conversion Year1776 1781
DisposalBU 1797
Source of information Winfield, Rif (2007), British Warships in the Age of Sail 1714-1792.
Log books1776 View (cat), 1776 View (cat), 1776 View (cat), 1778 View (cat), 1778 View (cat), 1790 View (cat), 1790 View (cat), 1791 View (cat), 1791 View (cat), 1791 View (cat), 1791 View (cat), 1792 View (cat), 1790 View (cat), 1792 View (cat), 1779 View (cat)
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